Thursday, December 20, 2007

another set of xmas cookies...

perfect gift to the kids... something different for this year! hang them on the xmas tree and the kids can pick their choices!

simple and elegant, merry xmas!!

no headache of thinking wat presents for the family.... CUPCAKES!! arent they pretty and white

xmas mood is just there!!!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Merry X'mas & A Happy New Year!!

hey guys... best wishes and shall see you guys next year!

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

pretty christmas cupcakes!!

preparing for the x'mas season! here comes santa!!

x'mas decorated cookies!!

season greetings! ho ho ho, merry x'mas! hang them on your x'mas tree. hang them on x'mas tree, no need x'mas ornaments and u can eat them anytime! once finished, just keep the x'mas tree! easy as ABC!

handy mandy!!!

handy mandy?? no, no, no... it's handy chee wei!! cheers bro!

elmo & cookie monster!!

hahahaha.... elmo's here!... huh huh huh... me cookie cookie monster!!!

happy teddy & butterfly

adrianna... u are just one! pretty teddy bear! dont eat me ya.. just stare at me!! pretty please!!!!!

darling couple!

congrats to the couple!

grandma's birthday....

yam seng, ah mah... luv you always!

choo choo theme..

choo choo train... here i come!

PHDC - Channel 613??

phdc time... come and watch us! mmm... EAT la..

Friday, November 16, 2007

baby shower gifts...

these gifts can be eaten! not for the baby to wear or use but it goes into the tummy! yummy!!

I'm ONE!!

at last i'm one... geezzzz... there's many more to go!

flowers everywhere!

aren't they beautiful and pretty flowers? care to "water" me?

pretty mini wedding gifts..

every guest gets one... dont rush! too bad if you are unable to attend my special day!!

dearie's birthday... muah muah

muah muah muah...hugs and kisses to you, dear!


scary night, starry night... it's hallooooweeeennnn...dare to eat me??? hahahaha

goodie bye!!!

bon voyage!!! take care and shall see you soon.

beach party again??

this time, my beach party cupcakes are more.... everything edible except the coconut trees and the umbrellas!

CLEO magazine... happy birthday!

CLEOPATRA??? no no no, it's CLEO magazine's birthday! cheers to all!

rugby balls for the twins!

happy birthday twins..... oh no.. our cake is also a twin!!

Sunday, November 4, 2007

I DO!!

a wedding function! cupcakes all around top up with a cake and a bird cage for the couple. best wishes and congrats, catherine and michael...

caught u butterflies..

isn't this a bird cage?? anyway.. these butterflies are edible and they cant fly out!! it's a wedding door gift!

baseball fan...

alex.. happy 6th birthday... cool dude!

finding nemo...

nemo... here i come... under the sea, under the sea.... la la la.

love is in the air...

muah, muah, muah... kisssssss.......

celebrate 2 in 1

kill 2 birds at once... save money ya... hihihi...

forgive me...then u eat me!

very good idea to say sorry... please accept her apologies!

selamat hari raya...

have some cupcakes for your frens when you visit them... u give them cupcakes, u get rendang and ketupat... hehehe...

wedding gift cupcakes..

don't worry, every guest will get one cupcake ya...

balls and sunflowers birthday theme...

balls anyone? or sunflowers? i'll take one each, can i?

mellie... happy b'day...

your frens are so nice... hope you liked the cupcakes for your celebration!!

proposal? diamond ring?

is that a real diamond ring???? or maybe the real ring is in the cake.. mmmm

swirls, swirls, swirls....

simple swirls are yummy... more please.....

baby boom???....

another baby shower... is it baby boom