Wednesday, July 25, 2007

edible flower cookie ....

some flowers for you? get well soon ya... take care!

shrek & princess fiona's fan...

green & white cupcakes? arissa likes princess fiona and we suprised her with shrek and princess fiona. her mummy was so happy.

sexy, maxy......

sweet sixteen party.... bikinis, nighty cookies, all for your guests.
a party to be remembered...

simple 2 tiered wedding pillar cake...

for your special occasion.... pastel coloured theme.

rugby ball, anyone?

u can eat this rugby ball. yummy....

lilac, purple, dark purple.. my favourite wedding cake

here's a purple themed wedding cake for a "purple" couple. hehehe... simple and elegant......

bsc, the market place, here we come!!!


we'll be in bangsar shopping center, the market place this saturday and sunday(got to look around for us, exact location to be advise by management). do drop by out stall and taste our pretty cupcakes and cookies.

venue: bsc concourse area.
time: 10am to 6pm
date: 28 & 29 july 2007

besides bsc, we'll still be at amcorp mall every fridays to sundays.

see you there....

Thursday, July 19, 2007

love is in the air...

2 become 1......shaun & jacinta...welcome to the married club... good luck....

meeska mooska, mickey mouse

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse... PHDC... mickey, minnie, donald, daisy, goofy and pluto... we are celebrating with you, nicholas. welcome to the clubhouse... meeska, mooska, mickey mouse!!!!

cant wait for her next birthday celebration.....

hey girl... u got to wait for 365 days more till u get another birthday cake to celebrate with. cheers to you!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

007??? no no no... it's 07.07.07

a stacked 3 tiered wedding cake all the way up in awana, genting on a wonderful date.... 07.07.07.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

mickey & minnie mouse

aren't they adorable??
mickey & minnie, we don't have a heart to "eat" you guys up! but... we got no choice, can't resist the cupcakes... sorry ya... hehehe

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

we'll be in amcorp mall, fridays to sundays.

hi there everyone...

jus to let you guys know tat we will be in amcorp mall's flea market

venue: in front of starbucks coffee, amcorp mall, pj
time: friday - 12pm to 8pm
saturday & sunday - 10am to 8pm

once our cupcakes and cookies sold, we will be heading back home. so don't miss us!

see you guys there....

siew li & jerrica @ prettyfrosting

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

garden of flowers

flowers, flowers, flowers.... it's for a "cham char" wedding ceremony. simple and pretty for their guests.

for a lovely gal...

happy birthday ashley....
all her classmates love the cupcakes so much... no messy cutting and distributing of cakes for ashley's teacher. just a cupcake for each one.

cutie baby sleeping....

Cupcakes for Nicholas's frens and relatives. Aren't they too adorable to be eaten?? cutie cupcakes... baby sleeping tight with blankey..

my teddy bear

this cake was in Klang for a baby shower party, Nicholas. it was so popular and the teddy bear finished within 1/2 hour.