Friday, September 28, 2007

mum & dad.. happy anni

more years to come... chill mummy & daddy..

2 in 1 .....

ken & irene... congrats... the wedding bell is ringing...

behind the scene..

just us... the people behind the cupcakes... (fr L to R) siew li, jerrica & marisa

red devil fan...MU MU MU

we are the champions!! ronaldo alia...yeah yeah yeah

selamat berbuka puasa....

have some dessert frens.... dont miss them!

goodbye jasmine..

hey there... dont forget me. goodbye my frens, see you in Standard 1

another girlie cupcakes...

happy birthday... no real bikinis, shoes, handbag.. jus imagine ya...

Thursday, September 27, 2007

retro birthday..

retro theme birthday, nanne....

Friday, September 21, 2007

wedding door gift for guests!!

wedding cake cookie or wedding dress cookie for the occasion! everyone will remember your sweet and pretty door gifts!

balls, balls, balls

size L ball, size M ball and size S ball... which one you want? ALL???

dad, mum & son

3 in 1! happy birthday dato, datin and junior!

comic time

spiderman, superman, x-men, fantastic four, etc.... let's celebrate the comic time!

mickey mouse!

this time i want mickey's face!

i'm 1 yrs old already!

superman daddy...

daddy.. you are our superman!!!

jess, happy birthday

turning the next digit... take it coolll...

another beach party do!

girls... happy beach birthday! more bikinis ya...

my darling...

just for you, darling.

selamat berpuasa

cooollll... nice dessert for buka puasa... or shall it be appetizer?? cant wait till dessert time

garden birthday..

happy birthday shirley...
flowers for you and be pretty and young all the way!

Monday, September 3, 2007

so romantic.....

girl, read the cupcakes and i mean it! so la the romantic.... jealous la!

inky sue!

individually packed for the guests! line up and get one!

lizzy... pretty cupcakes

lizzy, you like your birthday cupcakes? guessed your frens loved them too! not to forget the butterfly cookie and caterpillar!

red rosettes for the engagement gift!

phew! red red red! lady in red??? it's a engagement "hantaran" for the day!

tiled cake for the daddy!

daddy... happy 65th birthday!

ruby anniversary!

ruby roses with love are all we have! we love you, grandma & grandpa! happy anniversary!

happy b'day, girl..

shaniqa, you are SEVEN!

happy anniversary, dearie

happy 18th years of marriage. till death do us part!

blankey, teddy, onesie, bootie and my foot print!

i wanna be a star! i've just turn 1 month old!

another flowery b'day!

many more b'days to come!

choo choo train...

simple, sweet and small! all the "S" for the boy! happy birthday!

for the man!

cheers to the MAN! simple and cooollll!

beach party...

iman, happy beach birthday, girl! peaceeeee......


mummy... happy birthday! the cupcakes said it all! luv you always!

turning 4... sweetie girl

sweetie girl.. happy birthday!

bon voyage... susanne..

we gonna miss you, susanne. all the best in whatever you do next and happy always.... cheers, your colleagues.