Saturday, January 26, 2008

adorable girl...

do u have a heart to cut and eat me????

born in the piggy year!

hope you like the cake and cupcakes! cute piggies all around! (to our muslim customers, no offence. just ignore this pix)

another comic fan!

happy birthday boy!

pretty pastel cupcakes...

for a very sweet 18 yr old girl's party in ritz carlton!

blue theme wedding gift

it's blue and white! not micheal J!

cheers, yam seng, bottom up!

with all our love for daddy...cheers...

aeroplane cookies

eat me since u cant fly on me!!

golfing & flowers for lovely parents

mum and dad... luv u always!

ultraman theme

boys will be boys! i like ultraman... not "out ta man" (hokkien pronunciation)


hey there barney, baby bob and BJ! oppss.. we have a special guest! winnie the pooh!

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

lovely green.. jus 4 u!

an engagement party for the couple! all the way to johor!

BIG blast!!!

wat a lucky suprised birthday celebration ... this cake flew all the way to LANGKAWI!!! not to forget "place name cookie" for every guest! KALA, u deserved a BIG BLAST!!